April 22, 2011

The other blogs….I mentioned this before I’ve been trying to maintain two other blogs. I’ve been busy so I haven’t had to time to give all of my blogs attention, but there are some I want you to know about.

Aside from my main blog The CBF I have started a blog called EchoLife and this is a purely Christian blog. I decided to make this blog because well my main blog can’t contain all my (shall I say) interests. Since it is Good Friday and we all know what that means I wanted to share it. I haven’t posted much right now because I’ve been busy and I try to take my time on posting.

If you interested check it out here: http://its-the-only-way.tumblr.com/

other than my EchoLife blog check these blogs out: http://jacobportillo.tumblr.com , http://simplyheavenlyfood.tumblr.com , and http://musingsofagirlcalledrah.tumblr.com .

In addition to that I’m part of the Darker Than Black (DTBOTP) group and we post/reblog gifs/pictures of the two main characters Hei and Yin. Check it out here: http://dtbotp.tumblr.com .

Another post probably tomorrow about blogs to follow.

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